Overdose Victim Dumped Like Trash

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On August 4th, 2018, Middletown, Ohio resident Kevin Bush received a phone call from police. His daughter, 24-year-old Destiny Williams, had been found dead, dumped in the trash heap behind an abandoned restaurant.

An autopsy showed that the cause of death was heart failure, due to a methamphetamine overdose. She’d dealt with addiction in the past, and successfully quit using heroin only to start using meth not long afterward.

“She was thrown away like a bag of trash,” Bush said. “She was far from trash. She is someone’s mother, sister, and daughter.”

Bush launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for his daughter’s funeral and continually talked to the police, the press, anyone who he thought could help find justice for his daughter. Meanwhile, the wheels of justice rolled on.

Destiny’s body had been found alongside 45-year-old Robert Childers, who was unconscious, but ultimately survived. Childers cooperated with police, and his testimony led police to a house he and Williams had been staying in on Buena Avenue.

Evidence collected there, as well as ATM records, led police to Valoree Harrison and Bryan Roberts, who were arrested on August 28th and charged with abuse of a corpse and obstructing of official business.

The suspects were friends with Childers and Williams, and Harrison and Roberts allegedly stopped by their home to find them unresponsive in bed. According to police, they dumped Childers and Williams behind the diner and went on to spend over $600 with Childers’ ATM card.

Williams was a mother of four and was working to get sober and regain custody of her children. “She was a good girl,” Bush said. “I thought she was turning it around… It’s not going ever to get better. I mean, my daughter’s not here no more, but at least she is getting a little bit of justice that she deserves.”

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