Milwaukee Drug Gang Arrested After Murder Spree

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A Milwaukee drug gang was recently arrested, putting an end to a crime spree that dates back to 2015.

Akeam Williams, 22, has been charged with the murder of Demetrius Baker, also known as “Meechie,” on December 3rd, 2015. Along with Williams, Herman Highshaw, 34, and Shundale Joshua, 29 were charged with the murder of Landray Harris on May 15th, 2016.

Highshaw has also been charged with mutilating a corpse, as well as first-degree reckless homicide in the death and mutilation of Demarion Allen, whom the gang had suspected of being a police informant.

The First Murder

The gang specialized in an armed robbery and focused on a particular target: drug dealers. They would steal cash and sell any drugs they got their hands on.

On December 3rd, 2015, they ambushed Demetrius Baker, a known drug dealer, along with three of his associates, while they were parked in front of his house in a car and an SUV. According to one of those men, Terry Williams, the robbers tried to open the car doors while Baker’s crew was napping.

Someone started shooting. Terry Williams ran. Baker was shot in the ambush, and his driver left his body in the street before ditching the SUV elsewhere in the city. A neighborhood resident blocked off Baker’s body with shopping carts so it wouldn’t get hit by a car before police arrived.

Akeam Williams later bragged to a police informant that he had fired the fatal shot and that the gang had stolen Baker’s designer sunglasses, coat, and 30 grams of heroin.

The Second Murder

On May 15th, 2016, Williams, Highshaw, Joshua and Allen attempted to ambush Landray Harris, who was parked in a car with two associates. Harris was a drug dealer, who was known to carry large amounts of cash.

According to witnesses, Williams yelled something at the occupants of the car while Joshua tried to open the driver’s door. When the driver attempted to back away, Williams opened fire with a 9mm handgun. The driver backed into a tree but managed to pull away. Harris died later that day from a gunshot wound.

The gang left in a car that police were later able to identify from security footage. It belonged to one of Allen’s relatives. A police cruiser spotted the car later that day, but could not safely make a U-turn so did not give chase.

The gang robbed another drug dealer at gunpoint that evening. They forced him to take them to his apartment, where they stole $5,000 but left him alive.

Betrayal And Arrest

In the last week of May 2016, Milwaukee firefighters received a call about a garbage fire in the city. When they arrived, they found a human body on fire in a recycling cart.

The medical examiner determined that the victim had been shot in the head before being burned. Dental records identified the body like none other than Demarion Allen.

According to police, Highshaw had become nervous that the police had identified the vehicle used in the Harris murder. He thought Allen would turn on the gang if he got arrested. Highshaw invited Allen to his house and shot him in the head.

Ironically, it was Highshaw’s paranoia that led to the gang’s unraveling. An informant, horrified by Allen’s murder, gave police evidence that led to the arrest of not only Highshaw, but the rest of the gang.

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