Fargo drug deal shooting: Another suspect charged for murder

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A Moorhead man injured during the alleged drug deal turned fatal shooting incident in north Fargo in early May has been charged with murder.

Lee Arthur Fry Jr., 29, was charged with multiple felonies. These included a Class AA felony count of murder that can result in imprisonment for life. Fry pleaded not guilty to these charges in Cass County District Court. Yet, there’s substantial proof against him that says otherwise.

The charges were a consequence of the shooting incident on May 12 near Hornbacher’s, 2510 Broadway N.

Anquine White, a 39-year-old man from Fargo, was found dead in that incident. The court suspects that the shooting took place as a result of the drug deal gone wrong.

According to court documents, White was trying to buy shake n bake methamphetamine from Fry and Reng Zechariah Ayong, 21. That’s another man from Fargo, along with his friend Darrell Lamont Simmons, 28. They met in a car parked in a parking lot near the north Fargo Hornbacher’s. Simmons was asked to exit the car and take out a bag from the trunk before the shooting took place. This is according to Fargo police investigation.

Simmons told the investigators that as soon as he got out, the car sped away in a haste. Ayong was driving while Fry and White were in the backseat. Several gunshots were fired inside the car before it crashed within a few minutes.

The documents further stated that both Ayong and Fry escaped the scene of the crash. But that Fry was later found with a gunshot wound at a short distance from the vehicle. A “large amount of counterfeit money” was found with him, along with a stolen handgun dropped near him. Fry was taken to a hospital for the treatment of serious injuries.

ayong caught by Fagro police.

White was found dead inside the car with multiple gunshot wounds. He had $400 cash and a small quantity of what was believed to be meth on him.

Ayong and Fry are charged with the same set of felonies. These include:

  • Murder
  • Class A felony of conspiracy to commit robbery
  • Class C felonies of reckless endangerment
  • Theft while in possession of a firearm
  • Unlawful possession of a firearm
  • Misdemeanor theft

Simmons is charged with a Class B felony of conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance and conspiracy to commit robbery.





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