Drug Dealer Kills Customer With Ornamental Fork

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A 52-year-old Devon, UK drug dealer named David Ablett was sentenced to life imprisonment on November 27th, with a minimum sentence of 16 years for the murder of 38-year-old Matthew Jackson.

His claims that he had stabbed his victim in self-defense were dismissed on the basis that he had inflicted 50 separate stab-wounds, including 6 stab wounds from an ornamental fork. Of these 6 stab wounds, three of them penetrated the heart, lungs and liver, each of which would separately be a fatal wound.

On July 2nd, Jackson had walked from his home in Bishopsteignton to Ablett’s home in Teignmouth to buy drugs. Accounts of what happened that day differ, but Ablett claims that Jackson demanded heroin “on credit”.

Texts on Jackson’s phone indicate that he may have been planning to rob Ablett, as Ablett alleges. Nonetheless, Judge Peter Johnson ruled that the level of violence in the stabbing exceeded any argument for self-defense.

Of Jackson, he said in court: “I accept that he may have been violent or threatened violence, but not to anything like the level you alleged.” The judge also said that the use of the ornamental fork was an aggravating factor in the case. “You had the weapon as part of your unlawful enterprise,” he said. “It was not a normal item seized in the heat of the moment.”

In addition to the murder charge, Ablett pled guilty to several drug-related charges, to be served concurrently with his murder sentence.

Perverting The Course Of Justice

In addition to Ablett, Neal Hinton, 39, also from Teignmouth, has been charged in the case. He has pleaded guilty to one count of perverting the course of justice, a charge which carries the possibility of life imprisonment.

After killing Jackson, Ablett called Hinton to help him hide the body. Ultimately, they dragged it across the street and hid it next to a neighbor’s wheelbarrow. Fortunately for police, they left a trail of blood from the body to Ablett’s door, and there was enough forensic evidence in the home to convict both men.

Wounds on the victim appear to come from being dragged across the ground and indicate that he was still alive when Ablett and Hinton attempted to hide him. According to Home Office consultant forensic pathologist Russel Delaney, there were over two liters of blood in Jackson’s chest cavity, and death resulted from massive internal bleeding.

Detective Inspector Steve Davies of the Major Crime Investigation Team was the Senior Investigating Officer on the case. When asked about the life sentence, he said: “Ablett’s actions of trying to cover up the murder only went to show that this was not the deeds of someone who had innocently acted in self-defense. Throughout this investigation, Ablett has tried everything to distance himself as the killer, and today a jury has seen through his story of events. To stab someone six times is not a reasonable force for self-defense and the jury have agreed with the prosecution on this.”

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